63288: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure Backup Gateway: how to reconfigure ABGW to use another NFS export to store archives

Last update: 07-04-2020


You use Acronis Cyber Cloud with NFS backend connected through Backup Gateway. You want to migrate the NFS shares to a new server and need to reconfigure ABGW to use the new NFS export.


Downtime is expected.
  1. Stop Acronis Backup Gateway by issuing:
    systemctl stop vstorage-abgw

    Performing further steps without stopping vstorage-abgw will lead to corruption of archives!
  2. Move the data between NFS boxes/shares.
    For example, copy contents of /mnt/vstorage/vols/acronis-backup/storage to the new NFS share.

    You need to move all contents of the old NFS export; partial migration is not supported.
  3. Unmount current share by issuing:
    vstorage-abgw-ctl nfs --umount
  4. In /etc/vstorage/abgw.config set the new NFS server address and share name. For example, using the vi editor:
    1. Open the config file:
      vi /etc/vstorage/abgw.config
    2. Find parameters storage.nfs.host and storage.nfs.export
    3. Press i to enter editing mode.
    4. Specify new values.
    5. Press Esc to exit editing mode.
    6. To exit the editor and save changes, type:
  5. Mount the new share by:
    vstorage-abgw-ctl nfs --mount
  6. Verify that /mnt/vstorage/vols/acronis-backup/storage contains customers' directories.
  7. Start Acronis Backup Gateway by:
    systemctl start vstorage-abgw

Now you can continue backing up; backups will be saved on the new NFS share.

Should you need assistance, contact Acronis Support.