63266: Acronis Cyber Backup: activity fails with "No volumes have been found while processing the 'Fixed Volumes' template"

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Last update: 29-04-2021


You have installed Agent for VMware (Windows) on a machine running Windows. You are backing up this Windows machine.

Backup fails with:

Error code: 22
Module: 309
LineInfo: 0x8D165E86FB81959B
Fields: {"CommandID":"FD79C554-B363-4DB2-97BC-1E5A94094A94","$module":"agent_protection_addon_vsa64_7001"}
Message: TOL: Failed to execute the command. Resolving items to back up
Error code: 43
Module: 307
LineInfo: 0xE873A234106E3486
Fields: {"$module":"agent_protection_addon_vsa64_7001"}
Message: Failed to execute an internal command while resolving items selected for backup.
Error code: 68
Module: 307
LineInfo: 0x071E35C26B78D644
Fields: {"$module":"agent_protection_addon_vsa64_7001"}
Message: Cannot resolve any of the following inclusion rules: '[Fixed Volumes]'.
Error code: 67
Module: 307
LineInfo: 0x071E35C26B78D5FC
Fields: {"$module":"agent_protection_addon_vsa64_7001"}
Message: Cannot resolve inclusion rule '[Fixed Volumes]'.
Error code: 6
Module: 377
LineInfo: 0x20E8C00E3FF3FA4F
Fields: {"$module":"agent_protection_addon_vsa64_7001"}
Message: No volumes have been found while processing the 'Fixed Volumes' template.


None of the items selected for the backup were found.


Agent for VMware (Windows) is an alternative to a Virtual Appliance and allows performing agentless backup of VMware ESXi virtual machines. It is installed on a Windows machine that has network access to vCenter Server and to the virtual machine storage.

Agent for VMware cannot back up the Windows machine on which it is installed.


Install Agent for Windows to back up a Windows machine (or exclude this machine from the protection plan).

More information

If you apply the same "Entire machine" backup plan to a machine with Agent for VMware(Windows) and to virtual machine(s), backup of Windows machine will fail with the error described above and virtual machines will not be backed up. This is a known issue.