63227: Acronis True Image: Do not delete .TIB or .TIBX files outside of Acronis True Image

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Last update: 10-09-2020


An error occurs when trying to restore from a backup, if a .TIB or .TIBX file was deleted outside of Acronis software.

If you click on "More details", one of the following event codes is displayed:

0x006400CC+0x006400E0+0x00640001 ("There are no versions of the backup")

0x006400CC+0x006400E0+0x00AC0041+0x00AC0040+0x01AF0006+0x01AF0005+0x00040011+0x0000FFF0+0x80070002 ("Failed to open item")


An earlier created backup file (.tib or .tibx) was deleted outside of Acronis software. For example, you might have wanted to free some disk space and, being unaware of the consequences, deleted an earlier made .tib or .tibx file. Deleting a .tib or .tibx file outside of Acronis True Image graphical user interface (not using the options "Delete" and "Clean up versions" in Acronis True Image user interface) can break the entire backup.

Acronis True Image relies on previously made backups as part of the integrated backup archive structure. The software manages .tib and .tibx itself automatically, deleting only those parts that are safe to delete, and keeping .tib and .tibx files that have dependencies.

By default, Acronis Active Protection blocks attempts to delete .tib and .tibx files that would break the backup. However, if Active Protection was intentionally turned off, or the user chooses to allow operations with backups, unsafe operations become allowed and it is possible to delete backup files, breaking the backup archive.


If you need to restore from the backup, you still can try to restore using the following methods:

1) use Acronis Bootable Media,


2) double-click the backup in Windows Explorer, navigate to the required files/folders and drag-and-drop the needed files from there to any other folder on your computer

If such attempts fail as well, the remaining parts of the backup should be deleted as not recoverable by selecting Delete - Delete entirely in the backup context menu. Click OK if error message "Failed to delete all files of the backup" appears.

Start a new backup plan and follow the rules below to prevent this problem from occurring in the future:

1) make sure Acronis Active Protection is on and neither "dllhost.exe" nor "explorer.exe" are listed under Active Protection - Manage processes as "Allowed to start. Allowed to modify your backups". If you see them under Active Protection - Manage processes, place the mouse cursor over these rules and select Remove.

2) if you need to delete a backup to free up disk space, move the mouse over the backup in Acronis True Image, click a small down arrow button next to the backup name and select "Delete" (to remove all versions) or "Clean up versions" (delete selectively) in the menu.

The option "Delete" allows to delete all versions ("Delete entirely" choice) or just remove the backup plan, keeping the actual backup files on the disk ("Remove" button) as shown below:

"Clean up versions" allows to delete backup versions selectively.