63225: Acronis True Image 2020: How to install

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Operating Systems: 

    Last update: 25-02-2021

    To install Acronis True Image on your computer, download the installation file from your account or from the purchase confirmation e-mail.


    • Perform installation under Administrator account (or account with administrative privileges)
    • In case you are upgrading from an earlier version of Acronis True Image: If your current version of Acronis True Image is Acronis True Image 2019 or Acronis True Image 2018, the new version will simply update it; there is no need to remove the old version and reinstall the software. If your current version is older, we recommend that you remove the current version before installing Acronis True Image 2020.
    • In Windows, Acronis True Image is installed on system disk, there is no way to change the installation path.
    • Acronis True Image installer is 32-bit; the program can be used on 32-bit systems as well as on 64-bit systems (there is no separate installer for 64-bit systems).

    On a Windows computer

    1. Run the installation file and click Install:
    2. The product will then be installed.

    Now you can use Acronis True Image:

    In case installation fails, you can check the installation log to look for the source of the problem: see Acronis True Image: Creating an MS Installer Log

    On a Mac

    1. Double-click the Acronis True Image setup file (the file has a .dmg extension).
    2. Drag the Acronis True Image icon to the Applications folder:

    Now you can use your Acronis True Image 2020.