63205: Acronis True Image: Replication fails with error "The disk with your backup data is not connected"

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Last update: 02-08-2021


Replication fails with the following error:

The disk with your backup data is not connected. Connect the disk to replicate a backup in it.


Drive containing the backup is not accessible or the backup has been deleted.


1) Connect the external drive with the backup to your computer and reattempt replication.

If the drive is connected but you still receive the error, connect the drive to a different port and check that the drive is visible in Windows Explorer and in Acronis True Image interface.

2) Verify that the backup is present on the disk: try to open the Recovery tab for the backup in Acronis True Image interface. If you are unable to access the backup contents this way, most likely the backup has been deleted or the backup file is corrupted. If the backup was deleted by mistake, try to restore it back it if possible.

If there is no way to restore the deleted backup, recreate the backup:create a new backup task with the same source, destination and parameters.