63204: Acronis Cyber Services

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 Key Services

Acronis provides a full range of cyber protection products, and offers a full set of pre-packaged cyber security services to ensure that your environment is properly protected and can address modern cyber security challenges. 

  • Acronis Security Assessment Service - Ensure that your organization’ protection meets organizational and industry compliance requirements
  • Acronis Security Awareness Training - Ensure your employees and IT personnel are well-educated on modern security practices, and that your executives are trained on special phishing attacks
  • Acronis Incident Response Service - Enjoy the highest level of support available in case of a security breach

Acronis Cyber Services Benefits

  •  Enjoy peace of mind knowing your corporate devices and data is protected in accordance with industry best practices
  • Keep your organization secure while using web and mobile applications with noninvasive penetration testing  
  • Reduce the volume of security-related support calls by 50 percent with Acronis Security Awareness Training  
  • Enjoy 24/7 real-time access to the industry’s best data protection experts with Acronis Incident Response Service

For additional information, please contact your responsible Acronis Account Manager or fill in the Contact Us form on this page.