63195: Acronis Files Cloud and Acronis Files Advanced for iOS: Touch ID/Face ID not working

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To use Touch ID or Face ID with your Files Cloud or Acronis Files Advanced app, you need:

  1. A device with a set passcode and Touch ID or Face ID.
  2. An app password for Files Cloud/Acronis Files Advanced set, with Touch ID or Face ID option enabled.

In Files Cloud, the app password is optional. In Acronis Files Advanced, though, it might be required by a mobile security policy. In such a case, users without an app password will not be able to use the app.

Touch ID or Face ID will fail until the user re-enters their app password in two cases:

  1. Using Touch ID or Face ID on a device restored from backup.
    After restoring from backup, the user must re-enter their application password first. Otherwise, the following message is shown: "Face ID failed. Please enter your password."  Once the app password is manually re-entered, Touch ID/Face ID works again.
  2. Disabling the iOS device passcode and then enabling it again.
    If a user with an app password set, disables their iOS passcode and then enables the passcode again, Face ID/Touch ID will fail to unlock Files Cloud/Acronis Files Advanced app. Once the app password is manually re-entered, Face ID/Touch ID works again.

For more information about the app password, refer to Setting An Application Password.

For more information about Touch ID, refer to Touch ID support.

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