63194: Acronis Cyber Files for iOS: users cannot copy files bigger than 2 GB between different servers (MobileIron, AppTunnel)

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Last update: 05-06-2020


Users of Acronis Cyber Files app, managed with MobileIron, and with AppTunnel set up, cannot copy/move files bigger than 2 GB from one server to another, or from a data source on a server to their Sync & Share space.

When trying to accomplish this operation, the copying process doesn’t start and the following message is displayed:

Copy operation failed. Failed to load URL (Error code: 503).


This is caused by a limitation of the MobileIron Sentry server – a standalone Sentry server does not handle HTTP response with Content-Length larger than 2 GB.


MobileIron doesn’t intent to change this behavior for the moment, so the possible solutions are:

  • To split the files bigger than 2 GB into smaller ones before transferring.
  • To move the files bigger than 2 GB to a host that does not require AppTunnel.