63187: Acronis Cyber Files for iOS: users cannot get files via Document Provider Extension

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Last update: 05-06-2020


Users of Acronis Cyber Files app for iOS who don’t have their server passwords saved, or use a Server policy according to which these passwords are not saved (in their Server policy, the option Required Login Frequency for Resources Assigned by This Policy is set to Once per Session or For Every Connection), cannot get files via Document Provider Extension.

This issue occurs when users open a document editing app (for example, Word), then open the Acronis Cyber Files Document Provider, and browse an Acronis Cyber Files data source for a specific file, which to be opened in the document editing app.

In this case, users are prompted for their server credentials and even after correctly entering them, they are shown infinite prompt saying Preparing file or Downloading (depending on the OS). The desired file never opens.


This is a limitation imposed by the File Provider extension, which downloads the file from Acronis Cyber Files and gives it to the other application. When the user password is not saved, or the saved password is no longer valid, the extension fails to get the file from the original application (in this example, Files Advanced) and to provide it to the target one (in this example, Word).

The message that communicates this error depends on the OS and the host app, and may vary.