63182: Acronis Cyber Cloud Integration with ConnectWise Manage: quota automatically resets to unlimited

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Last update: 07-04-2020


1. You have configured ConnectWise Manage integration and fulfilled following requirements:

  • Offering item is mapped to a ConnectWise Manage product
  • Tenant is mapped to a ConnectWise Manage company

2. You manually set a quota for an offering item on tenant level (e.g. Workstation/Server/Cloud storage) in Management Console.

3. When you check quotas in the account console, the quota is reset to unlimited.


This is expected behaviour.

You have configured pay-as-you-go model for the addition within ConnectWise Manage agreement.


To set a specific quota, you need to change the addition to pre-paid model:

  • Put desired quota in Total Quantity of the addition
  • Set Cancelled Date for the addition

As a result, quota will be set automatically.