63173: Acronis Backup: activity fails with "Instance '<name>' is skipped because it is already being backed up." or "The backup of database <name>' located on Exchange server <name> was skipped."

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Activity fails with one of the following errors:

"Instance '<name>' is skipped because it is already being backed up"

"The backup of database <name>' located on Exchange server <name> was skipped"


The Exchange database is locked by another backup process. The issue appears if there are other backup tools are running on this server at this time.


1. Check if specific Exchange database is being backed up and what backup tool initiates the backup:

  • Check installed software under Control Panel -> Programs and Components
  • Use Process Monitor to find processes of backup software running at given time

2. If there is another backup tool that initiates the backup, modify the backup schedule to avoid overlaps. See detailed information about backup schedule in documentation: Acronis Backup 12.5:schedule, Acronis Backup Cloud: schedule.

3. Check the status of Exchnage database. In Exchange management shell, issue:

A FailedAndSuspended status indicates issues with the database.

If issue still persists, please collect system information from the affected machine with Agent and contact support:

- Acronis Backup 12.5: how to collect system information

- Acronis Backup Cloud: how to collect system information

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