63130: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: troubleshooting Agent registration issues

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Last update: 18-11-2022

How to troubleshoot the situation when Agent does not appear in Cyber Protection console after installation.

Agent registration may take several minutes. If machine does not appear in console right away, please allow up to 5 minutes for the process to complete.


If you try to register a machine to Cyber Protection console as part of an installation, it is important to confirm if the Agent was actually installed on the machine that you want to add. Open running services on that machine and check if the following services are present and running:

  • Acronis Managed Machine service
  • Acronis Active Protection service
  • Acronis Schedule2 Service
  • Acronis Agent Core Service

If the services are not present, reattempt the installation.

If Agent is already installed on the client machine, try adding the machine to Cyber Protection console manually as described here

Known issues


  1. Make sure that Acronis executables on the Agent machine are not blocked by antivirus or other security software: see this article for instructions
  2. Verify connection to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud servers using Connection Verification Tool: see this article for instructions. If there are any problems the tool will tell you which port to open. 
  3. Try telnet from the machine in question from Agent to Cyber Protection console port received from Connection Verification tool (e.g. telnet us-cloud.acronis.com 7780). If connection cannot be established, check that the port in question is not blocked by firewall or other security software.

Collect information

If the above steps do not help resolve the issue, collect System information from Agent machine as described in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Collecting System Report when Agent is not installed and output of Connection Verification tool, and contact Acronis Support: