63128: Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: How to replace Java SE with OpenJDK for Catalog service

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Last update: Fri, 2020-05-01 06:16

This article describes how to replace Java SE with OpenJDK 8 (Open source Java project) for ElasticSearch service which is used by Acronis Catalog service.

 Version 8 of OpenJDK can be downloaded from https://adoptopenjdk.net/ 


  1. Run Command Prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd) and go to ElasticSearch installation path, by default it is C:\Program Files\Acronis\ElasticSearch\elasticsearch-2.4.0\bin
  2. Stop ElasticSearch: service.bat stop
  3. Change JAVA_HOME value in system variables:
    1. In Search, search for and then select: System (Control Panel), then click the Advanced system settings link.
    2. Go to Advanced tab, select Environment Variables, and then edit JAVA_HOME value to point to where the OpenJDK software is located: default path is [InstallationPath]\jdk-\jre\

      E.g. : C:\Program Files\AdoptOpenJDK\jdk-\jre

      Make sure that there is \bin\server\jvm.dll present in the path which you define in JAVA_HOME variable (Example: [InstallationPath]\jdk-\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll)

      Default path for JAVA_HOME (from Java SE installation) is [InstallationPath]\Java\jre1.8.0_111\

  4. Launch a new Command Prompt window, go to C:\Program Files\Acronis\ElasticSearch\elasticsearch-2.4.0\bin and start ElasticSearch: service.bat start
  5. Verify that Acronis Catalog works correctly from Acronis Cyber Backup web console interface
  6. After verifying that Acronis Catalog works after the changes, you can uninstall Java SE from Control Panel.

Additional information

Acronis Cyber Backup installation package will have Java SE replaced with OpenJDK in one of the nearest major updates releases.