63109: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 3.0: prerequisites for upgrade from Acronis Software-Defined Infrastructure 2.5

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Last update: 06-10-2020

The following requirements must be met before installing upgrade to Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 3.0:

  1. All nodes must have latest available Acronis SDI 2.5 update installed.
    This applies to the latest update available at the moment of upgrade. E.g. in July 2019 upgrade will be available from Acronis Software-Defined Infrastructure 2.5 Update 7, but if Update 8 is released, you will need to install Update 8 before upgrading to v.3.0
  2. All nodes must be online.
  3. All nodes must be running on the latest kernel
  4. There should not be any critical background activity like creation of new CSes or deployment of compute cluster.
  5. No 3rd-party repositories configured (like EPEL).
  6. If HA is configured, there must be exactly three nodes in cluster.
  7. Cluster must be healthy.
There is no need to disable HA before upgrading: it will be automatically temporarily disabled during the upgrade and re-enabled after.