63026: Acronis Cyber Protect 15, Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: SAP HANA backup

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Last update: 12-11-2021

Acronis provides pre- and post-data capture scripts that handle the intricacies of preparing the internal SAP HANA snapshot and closing the snapshot correctly.

  • These scripts are included in a backup plan that backs up the entire SAP HANA server.
  •  Every time this backup plan runs, the pre-data capture script calls on SAP HANA to prepare the internal snapshot that leaves the database in a ready and consistent state on the disk. This sets the stage for Acronis' own snapshot to capture this state of the database.
  •  Acronis Cyber Protect takes the disk snapshot.  
  •  The post-data capture script releases the SAP HANA snapshot. Preparing, taking, and releasing the snapshot are nearly instantaneous. The database remains operational throughout this time.
  •  Acronis Cyber Protect creates a backup of the entire machine, including the SAP data area, frozen in time at the moment of snapshot creation.  

This backup can be used to recover the entire server, converted to a virtual machine, or mounted to a file system as a volume. Every time, the SAP HANA data inside the backup will be consistent. 

Limitations& Prerequisites:

  • Acronis Cyber Protect Agent for Linux must be installed on the machine (physical or virtual) 
  • Acronis Cyber Protect (Advanced) Server for Linux license is required to run Backup Agent; no additional license required to use the script itself.  
  • Any officially released build of Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 and Acronis Cyber Protect 15 is supported.
  • Only single-tenant databases are supported, because of the limitations of the SAP HANA snapshot 

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