63002: Getting the root privileges and the log file from the VPN Appliance

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Sometimes you need to get the root privileges on the VPN appliance to issue some command that requires elevation or to grab a log file for the troubleshooting.

How to get the root privileges

  • Login to the VPN appliance with the 'admin' user
  • Browse to "Run Linux shell command" and press Enter

  • Issue the command "sudo su -"

You are now 'root'.


Get a log file for the troubleshooting

  • Once you become the root user, you can copy the log file to some place where you can get it from:

cp /var/log/messages /tmp/

Now you are able to copy the messages file from the /tmp folder by any SSH file manager, e.g. WinSCP. Use the connection type 'SCP', the IP address of the VPN appliance and the 'admin' user credentials. If the file is large, you may archive it before downloading by the command:

tar -czvf /tmp/messages.tar.gz /tmp/messages

And then download the archive from "/tmp/messages.tar.gz"

Then browse to the /tmp folder and copy the 'messages' file and please provide the file to the support team if requested. Make sure that the connection type is "SCP" and not "SFTP" and Advanced settings -> SCP/Shell is "/bin/bash"


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