62963: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: logs location

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    Errors are displayed in the Web Control Panel upon each event. For investigation, copy and save.

    All logs are stored on the file system of each node. When investigating a technical issue, collect logs from every affected node.

    Installation: /var/log/anaconda

    Web Control Panel: /var/log/vstorage-ui-agent/

    Acronis Backup Gateway log -  /var/log/vstorage/abgw.log.gz

    iSCSI log: /var/log/vstorage/iscsi/

    S3 log: /var/log/ostor/

    NFS log: /var/log/vstorage/vstorage-nfsd.log

    NFS server log: /var/log/ganesha/ganesha.log

    FUSE mount: /var/log/vstorage/<cluster-name>/vstorage-mount.log.zst

    CS: /var/log/vstorage/<cluster-name>/cs/logs/cs.log.zst

    MDS: /var/log/vstorage/<cluster-name>​​​​​​​/mds/logs/mds.log.zst

    To open a .zst log in shell:
    # zstdcat <log-file> | less

    Cluster log: /var/log/vstorage/<cluster-name>​​​​​​​/vstorage-mount.log.gz

    nginx logs: /var/log/nginx/* (from each node in S3 cluster with S3 gateway)

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