6293: Acronis Backup & Recovery 10: Log Cleanup Rules

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Last update: Wed, 2009-12-02 16:12

You can set log cleanup rules to make sure Acronis Management Server does not hang on trying to add a machine

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There are Log cleanup rules that can be set from Acronis Management Server or Acronis Agent.

This option specifies how to clean up the centralized event log stored in the management server's reporting database. When the option is enabled, the program compares the actual log size with the maximum size after every 100 log entries. Once the maximum log size is exceeded, the program deletes the oldest log entries.

(!) Even if you remove the log size limit, logging events to an SQL Server Express database will stop after the log size reaches 4 GB, because SQL Express Edition has the 4 GB per database limit. Set the maximum log size to approximately 3.8 GB if you want to use the maximum capacity of the SQL Express database.

(!) Having log files of considerably big size may slow down adding the machine to Acronis Management Server, since it will try to process all the logs and add to its database.

Setting Log cleanup rules:

  1. Connect Acronis Management Console to Acronis Management Server to Acronis Agent;
  2. Once connected, click Options -> Management server options or Options -> Machine options:


  3. Set the cleanup rules and click OK:


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