62903: [Fixed] Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: cannot restore backup with error "Peer did not respond or did not hold deadline"

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Last update: Mon, 2020-07-20 13:11


  • You created a backup plan with Acronis Cloud storage as a destination. You run the backup plan successfully 
  • When trying to restore any recovery point, the process just hangs on Loading
  • When checking the PCS logs on the agent machine, you see the error message like:
2019-05-22T11:46:16:889+01:00 4627423232 E00000000: io: failed to open '/1/mac1-FC34F9B9-CF1A-4013-887E-215E3039A33C-32F65865-2379-4978-B7CE-5ABF6F288D30A.xml' (pcs_err=-13) 
2019-05-22T11:46:16:889+01:00 4627423232 I00000000: conn#2145: msr_conn_fini 
2019-05-22T11:46:35:521+01:00 4627423232 I00000000: conn#2146: recv_int: recv failed: -60 Operation timed out 
2019-05-22T11:46:35:521+01:00 4627423232 E00000000: rq#4629: gw closed the connection prematurely 
2019-05-22T11:46:35:521+01:00 4627423232 W00000000: f#99rq#4629: failed to send the request: -13 (Peer did not respond or did not hold deadline) 
  • If you try to download the same .xml file via archive_io_ctl tool, you receive the same error message:
C:\Users\admin\Desktop\scripts_tools\vsa64>archive_io_ctl --astor= --cert=cert.crt --get=/1/mac1-FC34F9B9-CF1A-4013-887E-215
22-05-19 16:07:01.793 cl#1: using FES host
22-05-19 16:07:02.083 conn#1: server capabilities: punch_hole_tail = 1, get_file_state = 1, replace_locks_on_open = 1, posix_rename = 1, proto_v2 = 0
22-05-19 16:08:01.816 io: failed to open '/1/mac1-FC34F9B9-CF1A-4013-887E-215E3039A33C-32F65865-2379-4978-B7CE-5ABF6F288D30A.xml' (err -13)
22-05-19 16:08:01.816 archive_io_ctl: Failed to open '/1/mac1-FC34F9B9-CF1A-4013-887E-215E3039A33C-32F65865-2379-4978-B7CE-5ABF6F288D30A.xml' for re
ad: -13 Peer did not respond or did not hold deadline


The corresponding .xml medata file is locked and cannot be read by the agent.


The issue has been fixed.