62866: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Agent registration fails with "Client with same ID is already created" or "Agent is already registered. Please, deregister Agent in Cyber Protection console"

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Last update: 11-05-2023


  1. You attempt to register an agent machine in the Cloud
  2. Registration fails (if you attempt to unregister the agent, it fails as well). When you check MMS log, you see the following error:
     [RestApi][AgentRegistration] status: manual unregister required, code: 409, reason: 'Registration of client failed: {"domain":"AccountServer","reason":"ReasonClientAlreadyRegistered","context":{"client_id":"A180B7F6-5E8D-4677-AB05-2586B3677590"},"debug":{"msg":"Client with same ID is already created"},"code":"ReasonClientAlreadyRegistered"}' 
  3. Attempt to register the Agent manually fails with "Agent is already registered. Please, deregister Agent in Cyber Protection console"
  4. Attempt to register the Agent manually fails with "Agent with ID [agent ID number] is already registered in the different tenant"


Such issue may appear if the machine was migrated to another management server after registration or if the machine was restored from an image of a different, already registered, machine.
You have to completely delete it along with the machine ID (which is not deleted during general uninstall process). 


1. Login to the problem machine

2. Uninstall the agent. Make sure to check "Remove the logs and configuration settings" checkbox during the uninstall process 

3. Remove old IDs from the machine:

4. Install the agent again, using the latest installer.

If you are using v9.0 agent, perform the following steps as well:

5. Find the new MMSCurrentMachineID that was generated after Agent reinstallation

6. Stop Acronis Agent Core Service (aakore)

7. Open reg.yml for editing:

  • Windows: C:\ProgramData\Acronis\Agent\var\aakore\reg.yml
  • Linux: /opt/acronis/var/aakore/reg.yml
  • macOS: /Library/Application Support/Acronis/Agent/var/aakore/reg.yml

8. Add the new MMSCurrentMachineID in the oauth - id and oauth - client - id sections

9. Save changes and close the document. Start aakore service.

If this does not resolve the issue, collect a new system report from the affected Agent machine before contacting Acronis Support.