62850: Cloud Distributor Tier 1 Support

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Cloud Distributors may choose to provide Tier 1 Support and benefit from 10% discount.

Minimum requirements for a Cloud Distributor to provide T1 support:

 â„– Requirements Description
1 Minimum number of Support engineers 1 engineer per 50 accounts (to work with signed service providers / end-users)
2 English-speaking engineer Minimum 1 english-speaking engineer (to coordinate with Acronis Support)
3 SLAs Public or Internal target SLAs
4 Ticketing system and reports

CR should have any ticketing system to be able to provide the following data:

A. Number of support cases per each Distributor;
B. Number of support cases per each region, broken down by month;
C. Case age of support cases;
D. Average time to initial reply from the Distributor’s support;
E. Average resolution time by severity.

Process of Cloud Distributor T1 Support onboarding program:

Step # Step name Step description Responsible person
1 Sign Acronis T1 Support addendum and fill in the questionnaire

Cloud Distributor may agree to sign the T1 Support Addendum as is or request to customize it. If customization is needed, please contact your Account Manager to discuss the changes to the addendum. Cloud Distributor should provide the details about their support team by filling in the questionnaire

2 First stage of T1 program: Certification Cloud Distributor should certify the agreed number of his support engineers for all Acronis products they are going to sell. The certification trainings and exams are available here https://kb.acronis.com/msptraining Cloud Distributor
3 Second stage of T1 program: Advanced Trainings Acronis Support team identifies the dates, time, training programs and provides advanced trainings for Cloud Distributor (online). All advanced trainings are recorded. The recording of each training is shared with Cloud Distributor. Support, Cloud Distributor
4 Third stage of T1 program: Pre-check stage Call/meeting to verify that both Acronis and Cloud Distributor's teams are ready for mentoring period. Criteria: documents exchange, ticket systems check, training and certification verification. Support, Cloud Distributor
5 Fourth stage of T1 program: Mentoring period (2 months or more) At this stage Cloud Distributor starts handling customers cases under supervision of Acronis Support team. During this period Acronis Support team provides clear feedback on all cases handled by Cloud Distributor, develops a plan to improve the quality of case resolution, controls a plan execution. During this period Acronis and Cloud Distributor might have weekly or bi-weekly calls. Support, Cloud Distributor
6 Fifth stage of T1 program: Checkpoint Cloud Distributor should achieve all goals set in the T1 Support addendum by the checkpoint date. At the checkpoint meeting Acronis and Cloud Distributor go through the main stages and verifies that all steps of T1 Support onboarding process were completed. Acronis and Cloud Distributor agree about the way and frequency of post-mentoring communication. Support, Cloud Distributor
7 T1 Support onboarding finished

Support Team informs all Acronis Stakeholders that Cloud Distributor starts to provide T1 Support (if the checkpoint is passed) without Acronis close assistance. At this moment the 10% discount is activated.

Sales Reps, Cloud Distributor, Support Team
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