62823: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: Throttling on storage

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Last update: 18-10-2021


As available physical space on a node reaches a certain threshold, Acronis Backup Gateway starts to throttle writing operations, and then suspends writing operations when a second threshold is reached.

Thresholds in version 4.7 and 4.6.


Throttling can be checked by running the following command on an ABGW Node:

curl -s | grep "abgw_append_throttle_delay_ms_total" 

If output is different from 0 - throttling is enabled. 

Here is an example output: 
[root@server]# curl -s | grep "abgw_append_throttle_delay_ms_total" 
# HELP abgw_append_throttle_delay_ms_total sum of delays injected into appends because of low storage space 
# TYPE abgw_append_throttle_delay_ms_total counter 
abgw_append_throttle_delay_ms_total{} 156477800 

Once the space is sufficient (less than 80%), Acronis SDI will automatically revert the throttling and the issue with the backup performance should be fixed.

If you face additional difficulty or the throttling is not disabled, please contact Acronis Customer Central.