62710: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: backup start time selection is not available for Office 365 C2C backup or backup is in queued state

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Last update: Mon, 2020-11-02 13:16


You have Acronis cloud agent for Office 365 and create a backup plan. You cannot find where to specify backup start time or you notice that the backup is in queued state and the Run now button is not available.


Office 365 backups with Acronis cloud agent run once a day. As this type of backup requires Acronis cloud resources, which are shared among all clients, workload on these resources is spread in time to ensure stable performance.

If the backup is in the queued state, it means that previous backups in the queue take longer than expected to complete; once these backups are finished, the queue moves forward and other backups start. Your backup is queued and will start soon.


Save your backup plan. It will run automatically once a day.

You can run it manually by clicking Run now.

If Office 365 backup runs at inconvenient time, you can revoke and reapply the backup plan from the Cyber Protection console and backup time will be randomly changed.