62695: Acronis Cyber Protect: How to increase Cloud Storage quota

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Last update: 12-11-2021


The storage quota for a Cloud Storage can be increased by purchasing additional Cloud Storage license.


Do the following to increase your Acronis Cloud Storage capacity:

  1. Purchase an additional Acronis Cloud Storage license: contact your preferred Acronis reseller or buy a license online
  2. Log in to your Acronis Account with your email and password
  3. Register the purchased license key: click on Add keys and specify the Acronis Cloud Storage license that you purchased

  4.  After registration, you will see a menu with a choice to either increase quotas or renew.

  5. Choose the option Increase quotas. Account will display the new storage capacity and new expiration date for the selected option.

  6. Click Register to apply changes. Storage capacity will be increased. Expiration date will be extended if applicable.

  7. If you use on-premises deployment of Acronis Cyber Protect 15 or Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: in Management Console, go to Settings -> Licenses and press Sync to update the licensing information. In cloud deployment, quota will be updated automatically.

More information

The expiration date for the expanded subscription takes into account the number of days remaining and the capacity of the current subscription. More specifically, if you have 100 days remaining on the
original 1TB subscription, and you add a 2TB subscription license valid for one year (365 days), the following option is offered:

  • Capacity: 3TB (1TB+2TB)
  • Expiration: 277 days ((1TB*100) + (2TB*365))/3TB or (100+730)/3