62672: Acronis Cyber Cloud: migration from one data center vendor to another

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Acronis will soon migrate storage from our existing data center vendor Equinix in Frankfurt, Germany to a new vendor - Digital Realty, also based in Frankfurt

Why is this migration done?
We are migrating to the new vendor to accommodate partner growth and support them with a larger infrastructure. Digital Realty is one of the world’s leading data center vendors that brings all critical elements - infrastructure, connectivity, and network elements together under a single, secure and reliable environment. 

How is migration performed?
The data center infrastructure has a number of components and services, among them management console, front-end servers, and storage servers. The front-end servers receive various requests, including backup initiation requests, and then point these requests to other components to actually perform the operation, i.e. to the storage servers where data will be stored. With that in mind, here is how we gradually migrate our infrastructure in a seamless fashion (proven to be working flawlessly on other DCs worldwide):

  • First, we build new storage servers infrastructure.
  • Then, we set up new front-end servers and configure them to properly process data for both new and existing backups.
  • Next, we initiate data migration from the old infrastructure to new storage servers.
  • In the end, as we get close to completing the migration, we will move the management console components (there will be a separate notification; the process is also seamless, and no downtime is expected).

Will it impair the speed of my backups?
No, the migration process does not affect the speed of backups. We have migrated other Acronis data centers worldwide this way, and the procedure does not impair backup speed.

Will it affect quota calculation? Will I be billed for 2 storages?
No, it will not affect quota calculation. You will be billed for the storage your backups occupy regardless of the location. There are no charges for duplicate data or any effect on usage calculation.

When does the migration start and end?
Migration is likely to start between the end of April 2019 and mid of May 2019. It will take up to 2 months to complete (with no impact to partners or end-customers). We will send a notification to all users once the migration is complete.

Do IP addresses or hostnames change during the migration?
Hostnames and IP addresses remain the same unless we notify you otherwise. Altogether hostnames change is a very rare necessity, while some IP addresses may change not necessarily specific to migration. We will notify you about such changes, as well as we keep an up-to-date list of IP addresses in this article.

What certification level does the new data center have?
The new data center vendor has full parity when it comes to security and compliance and is additionally resource-efficient and environmentally responsible. The Digital Realty data center has ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 50001, 18001 certification, PCI-DSS and is fully GDPR compliant.
The new data center is also fully compliant with the Acronis cloud security and privacy policy. See additional information in this article.

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