62645: Acronis Files Cloud: integration with Office Online

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Files Cloud users could preview and edit their docx, xlsx and pptx files directly in their browsers. This is possible through integration between Office Online and Acronis Files Cloud.

Only Acronis Files Cloud administrators could set this integration.

To do so:

  1. Log in to Acronis Files Cloud with an administrator’s account and navigate to the Administration console.
  2. Under General Settings tab, select Web Previews & Editing.
  3. Then select Enable Office Online integration and set “Use Office Online for… supported file types” to Viewing and Editing.
    Select Enable Office Online integration and set “Use Office Online for… supported file types” to Viewing and Editing

Office Online integration is enabled with the default Office Online URL (WOPI link): https://onenote.officeapps.live.com and Files Cloud users can now preview the supported document types in their browsers, by using Office Online.
Previewing a .docx file in the browser.

To edit files, you need to authenticate with a Microsoft account/Office 365 account with a valid Office 365 subscription.
To edit files, the users are prompted for a valid Office 356 subscription
To edit files, the users need to log in with a Microsoft account or an Office 365 account with a valid Office 365 subscription.

Once logged in, you can edit the files:
Editing a .docx file in the browser

Additional options

There are additional options for Office Online integration. However, they require more efforts for configuration.

1. Using a custom Office Online URL (WOPI link)

Instead of using the default Office Online URL, you can use your own, custom one. This option requires that you are part of the Microsoft Cloud Storage Partner Program (CSPP). For more information, refer to: https://wopi.readthedocs.io/en/latest/overview.html.

2. Using an Office Online server

You can also use an on-premise Office Online server, whose address to fill in the field Office Online URL field. For more information about how to obtain a license for this server, how to install and configure it, refer to: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/officeonlineserver/office-online-server.

Note: In the Office Online URL field you must enter the address without the /hosting/discovery part.

For example, if your WOPI discovery URL is https://office.mycompany.com/hosting/discovery, put only https://office.mycompany.com

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