62570: Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: Some of the backed up elements missing when browsing the Catalog

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  • You back up entire machines or disks to a location with enabled Catalog.
  • When browsing the Catalog some backed up machines do not show up.
  • When browsing folders of the backed up disks in the Catalog you are unable to see a backed up file.
  • When browsing the backup under the Backups tab, the backed up file is there.

Example for missing files: file 0a is visible in Backups, but not shown in the Catalog



Currently Backup Console does not support paging when listing backup elements in Catalog, so only a limited number of machines or files are shown. Thus some of the backed up elements may appear missing when browsing the Catalog manually.


Paging for Catalog items will be added in future updates for the product. In the meanwhile please use the Search function on the top of the Catalog page to search for a file by name.