62567: Acronis Cyber Files Cloud: User account types in Acronis Cyber Files Cloud: Guest user

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Last update: Thu, 2019-03-21 10:27

In Acronis Cyber Files Cloud, there are two types of user accounts: Regular and Guest. You create Guest account by inviting a non Files Cloud user to shared Files Cloud content – file or folder.

Users with Guest accounts can only preview and download the files shared with them.

Guest users do not have their own Sync & Share space and could only upload content to a folder, which another Files Cloud user has shared with them.

If they are given the respective rights, guest users can create new files, upload files from another location, edit and delete existing files in the shared folder. If guest users are given read-only rights, they can not create, upload, edit or delete files, but can only browse the shared folder, preview and download the files that it contains.

Users with guest accounts can neither invite new users to the shared resource, nor can they see the other users with whom this resource is shared – even though they might have been assigned such rights when their account was created.

Users with guest accounts cannot use the Files Cloud desktop client or mobile apps.

However, the guest user accounts are not part of the Files Cloud user quota, so in terms of licensing they are free.

Quick reference table:

Regular users

Guest users

Created in the Management console Created via an invitation to a shared content
Paid users Free unlimited users
Have their own Sync & Share space Do not have their own Sync & Share space
Can create/upload/edit/delete files in their own folders Can preview and download files shared with them.
Optionally, can create/upload/edit/delete files in a folder shared with them
Can share a resource with new users Cannot invite new users to a shared resource
Can see with whom a resource is shared Cannot see with whom a resource is shared
Can use the desktop client or mobile apps Cannot use the desktop client or mobile apps