62556: Acronis Backup plugin for WHM & cPanel: backup fails with "Internal error: record is greater then 32K"

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Backup fails with:

Error code: 1
Module: 7
LineInfo: 0x810DFA3764B9D034
Fields: {"$module":"disk_bundle_lxa64_12420"}
Message: Internal error: record is greater then 32K


Jailed shell is enabled in cPanel and a lot of mounpoints are created in the /home/virtfs/ directory. The size of all strings listing the mountpoints exceed 32K.


In the next update of Acronis Backup plugin for WHM & cPanel, mountpoints of the /home/virtfs directory will be excluded from the calculation.

Meanwhile, you can use this script to unmount the BIND mounts for users who no longer exist or who no longer use a jailed shell environment.

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