62536: Acronis Cyber Files Cloud: how to verify registered storage and update the registration

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Last update: 23-04-2021


You have registered a Partner storage with the Acronis Cyber Files Cloud per the KB article and made a mistake in the registration command, thus Acronis Cyber Files Cloud is failing to upload because the storage has not been correctly registered.

Possible scenarios could be:

  • You tried to fill in the following encryption parameter in the command: encryption=aes256&use_ssl=true
    You received a syntax error from infra-tool.py, so you changed it to ?encryption=aes256?use_ssl=true and proceeded with registration.
  • In the registration statement, you didn't put quotes around the storage URL, so not all parameters got registered. The quotes are necessary when the command is run in Bash.
  • You put the storage address with upper and lower case in the storage name (either in "--infra-name=" or "--infra-url=" parameters)


If the storage was registered incorrectly it needs to be updated.

First of all you need to list the currently registered storages for a tenant:

infra-tool.py --action=list --host=<account server host URL> --login=<account login> --password=<account password>

To update the URL you need the ID and Version of the storage. For example:

INFO: Infrastructure component information:
  ID: fc6f5511-206b-4a0e-****-8580e5f55645
  Owner ID: cc8ac143-3010-****-89f5-7dafd15f4bc4
  Inherited: False
  Name: example
  URL: s3://<Access ID>:<Secret access key>@s3.example.com:7443/FILE_SYNC?encryption=aes256&use_ssl=true
  Capabilities: [files_cloud]
  Version: 1
  Content URL: Not set
  Content mobile URL: Not set

To update the URL use the similar command which you used to register it using infra-tool:

infra-tool.py --action=update --host=<account server host URL> --login=<account login> --password=<account password> --infra-id=<ID from the previous command> --infra-version=<Version from the previous command> --infra-url="s3://<Access ID>:<Secret access key>@s3.example.com:7443/FILE_SYNC?encryption=aes256&use_ssl=true"