62532: Acronis Cyber Protect 15, Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: How to clone disk using bootable media

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Last update: 10-09-2020


In Acronis Cyber Protect 15 and Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 you can clone basic disks using bootable rescue media. Disk cloning in GUI is available only on Linux-based bootable media and only allows cloning basic MBR disks.

For more information on creating Acronis Bootable media, see How to create a bootable media. Remember to specify a serial number during bootable media creation, otherwise disk management will not be available.

(!) Disk management is not available in bootable media ISO image that can be downloaded under Acronis Account.


Cloning basic disks using Acronis Bootable Media:

  1. Boot from Acronis Bootable rescue media
  2. Connect to the media or click Manage this machine locally. For remote connection, see Registering media on the management server

  3. Click on Disk management

  4. The software displays disks available on the machine

  5. Select the disk you want to clone, right-click on it and select Clone basic disk in the menu:

    (!) Only entire disks can be cloned, partition cloning is not available

  6. The program will display a list of disks that can be selected as target.

    The program allows you to select a target disk if its size will be sufficient to hold all the data from the source disk without any loss.

  7. Select a target disk and click Next

  8. If the destination disk is larger, then you will have a possibility to resize the source disk volumes proportionally (default option) or clone the disk as is. If the destination is smaller, then the As is option of cloning will be unavailable and proportional resizing of the source disk volumes will be mandatory.

    If there is some data on the disk that was chosen as the target, you will receive a warning: “The selected target disk is not empty. The data on its volumes will be overwritten.”, meaning that all the data currently located on the chosen target disk will be lost irrevocably.

  9. If you are cloning a disk with system partition you need to retain an operating system bootability on the target disk volume. It means that the operating system must have the system volume information (e.g. volume letter) matched with the disk NT signature, which is kept in the MBR disk record. But two disks with the same NT signature cannot work properly under one operating system.


  10. Click Finish to add a pending operation on disk cloning

  11. Click Commit on the toolbar and then click Proceed in the Pending Operations window.

  12. If you chose to copy the NT signature, wait until the operation is finished and the computer is turned off, and disconnect either the source or the target hard disk drive from the machine.

More information

You can also clone disks using command utility: