62531: Acronis Cyber Protect15, Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: how to back up with bootable media

Last update: 17-11-2022


You can create a Linux-based or WinPE-based media using Bootable Media builder in the product: see Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: how to create a bootable media

Make sure to specify a license key during bootable media creation, otherwise backup will not be available.
It is not possible to back up a macOS system using Bootable media.



  1. Boot from Acronis Bootable rescue media

  2. Connect to the media or click Manage this machine locally. For remote connection, see Registering media on the management server

  3. Click Back up now

  4. The system automatically selects all fixed disks for backup.To change the data that will be backed up, click on Items to backup. Select the disks/partitions that you want to backup.

    To back up files/folders instead of disks, switch to Files in Data to back up

    Only disk/partition and file/folder backup are available under bootable media. Other types of backup, such as database backup, are only available under running operating system

  5. Click Location to select backup destination:

  6.  Specify location and name for your backup archive

  7. Specify the backup type. If this is the first backup in this location, a full backup will be created. If you continue a chain of backups, you can select Incremental or Differential to save space. You can find the difference between backup types in this article
  8. If needed, select the option to validate the backup as soon as it is created

  9. If needed, specify backup options, such as password for the archive, backup splitting, error handling.
  10. Click OK to start the backup

    Bootable media reads data from disk, compresses it into a .tib file and writes the archive to the destination. Bootable media does not create a disk snapshot as there are no running applications.

  11. A window will appear showing backup progress on Details tab

    After the backup completes, you can check the result on History tab

More information

When selecting data to back up, you may see the following message:

This machine cannot be selected directly. A previous agent version is installed on the machine. Use policy rules to select this machine for backup.

This is a GUI issue and this message can be safely ignored. Proceed with selecting data for backup.