62473: Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: Backup to tape fails with "No more data is on the tape"

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Backup to tape fails with the following message:

No more data is on the tape


This error means that ARSM (Acronis Removable Storage Management) database contains outdated information which differs from current content of this tape. There are several possible causes:

1. Tape was erased or data was written to it using third party software. As such, Acronis Cyber Backup cannot recognize this tape as the modifications were made using other program.

2. ARSM database on local drive has been changed,e.g. if the machine with ARSM was recovered from a backup or VM was reverted to an earlier snapshot.

3. Issue in the product.


Re-scan the tape to update the information about the tape in Acronis database: see product documentation for instructions.

If you need to perform any activity involving erase, move, eject etc. a tape, it should be done via Acronis Cyber Backup tape management, in order to keep the ARSM database intact (see product documentation for instructions).