62408: Acronis Software-Defined Infrastructure: registration of Storage SPLA fails with "Internal Server Error"

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You want to register Acronis Software-Defined Infrastructure using SPLA.

Once you click Register, you get redirected to Acronis Cyber Cloud management portal. Pop-up window "Cluster was added" appears, but no entries are added in the list of clusters in Acronis Cyber Cloud. When you return back to WebCP, you receive a generic error:
Internal Server Error

Acronis SDI is not registered.

In Celery logs, you notice a failed request with internal server error (response 500):

[2018-11-29 15:23:09,313: DEBUG/MainProcess] [:1990221990362500] get_cluster_info_by_id: cluster info: ClusterInfo({'cluster_id': '5a82f11f137c05a04047ece49f198d31', 'cluster_name': 'new_cluster1', 'cluster_url': 'abgw://new_cluster1.com'})


Currently, low dashes ( _ ) in cluser URL are not supported.

If the affcted cluster is a new cluster that does not store any data yet, recreate the cluster by reinstalling Acronis SDI on all nodes and creating the cluster anew. Specify a name that does not contain low dashes.

Don't use this methon, if the cluster already stores data; this data will be lost at node release. Wait for the fix that will be available in the next update of Acronis Cyber Cloud.


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