62404: Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: How to disable in-product notifications

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Last update: Wed, 2020-07-22 13:52


Starting with Update 4(Build 12730), Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 displays pop-up notifications with useful information including special offers, subscription updates, and more. To deactivate a pop-up message check Don't show me again checkbox .


To completely disable in-product notifications in Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 do the following:

1) On the machine where Acronis Management Server is installed, open the following configuration file for editing:

Windows: C:\Program Files\Acronis\AccountServer\account_server.json

Linux: /usr/lib/Acronis/AccountServer/account_server.json 

2) Find the line ipn_url and remove https://ipn.acronis.com value (leave the quotation marks)

URL value may be slightly different in different builds of the product.

3) Save changes to the file.

4) Restart Acronis Service Manager service.