62383: Acronis Backup 11.7: Lockout may occur when accessing a network share if service account and vault account have identical usernames

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Last update: 26-02-2019


  1. You are trying to create a backup of Machine A in a shared network folder created on Machine B
  2. The Acronis Managed Machine Service Account (A\Username) of Machine A, and the login information of the network folder (B\Username) use the same user name, but have different passwords.

    In this case the Managed Machine Service account A\Username may become locked out in some cases.


The behavior is based on the authentication method of Acronis Backup 11.7 during network access.

Authentication when accessing the vault is attempted in the following order:

1. Vault Account (credentials for destination folder on Machine B)

2. Acronis Managed Machine Service account (from Machine A)

3. Guest account

In this event, the problem occurs if vault account and Acronis Service account have the same account name, but different passwords, as Windows interprets them as the same account with different passwords and considers logon attempts with A\Username as invalid logon attempts.

If an access problem etc. occurs when trying to access with Vault account(step 1), authentication will be attempted with Acronis Managed Machine Service account (step 2). If this fails several times, one or both accounts may become locked out in accordance with Windows security configuration.


If the login information of the vault and the Service Account of Acronis Managed Machine Service are using the same username, use the same password for both.

Alternatively, use different usernames for the vault login and the Service Account name of the Acronis Managed Machine Service.