62376: Acronis Cyber Cloud: Archive cannot be removed from the Backups tab

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You have an Acronis Storage Gateway installation or Acronis Backup Gateway.

You want to check state of your backups and storage, but the backup management console is temporary unavailable.

You check the archive files in the storage through command-line, and want to clean up the storage by removing a backup file from the storage, but when you check the state after the console becomes available, the old archives remain in the Backups tab.

You try to remove the file using the backup management console and get the error:

A backup agent error: 'archive with name example.tibx not found: archive not found' 


Manually removing archives from the storage causes backup management issues as the product is designed to manage the archives with the GUI, rather than on the storage side.


You need to resynchronize your archives. It will remove non-existing archives from the Backups tab.

Method 1: using backup management console

1.  Log in to the backup management console using the affected account.

2. Navigate to Devices -> All devices and select the affected device.

3. Click Recovery.

4. Click the Refresh icon:

Method 2: using API

1. Log in to the backup management console using the affected account.

2. Using a REST API client (Postman, Advanced REST client, etc.), call the following POST:


with body

"level": "archive"

where <vault_id> can be received from the browser debug console (F12):

  • open Backups -> Cloud Storage
  • find <...>bc/api/vault_manager/v1/vaults?includeStats=true call in the debug console
  • get "id" from "items" in its response. It is the <vault_id> that you need.

and <...> is the address of your data center:

For example:
POST https://au1-cloud.acronis.com/bc/api/vault_manager/v1/vaults/refresh
{ "vault_ids":["97000e46-bb00-2a00-800b-91bb11bc311c"], "level": "archive" }

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