6235: Acronis Backup: Scheduled Backup Conversion to VM

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Last update: 15-05-2014

Keep a copy of your backup archive in the virtual machine format ready for instant recovery

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Backup 11.5 (Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5)
  • Acronis Backup & Recovery 11
  • Acronis Backup & Recovery 10


You can set up a scheduled or immediate conversion of a backup to a virtual machine format. This will allow you to have a copy of your server or workstation on a virtual machine which can be readily powered on in case the original machine fails.

The conversion can be performed by the same Acronis Agent that performs the backup or by an Agent installed on another machine. If the latter is the case, you need to store the archive in a shared location, such as a network folder or a managed vault, so that the other machine can access the archive.

The supported host platforms are:

  • VMware ESX/ESXi
  • Microsoft Hyper-V

The supported virtual machine formats are:

  • VMware Workstation
  • Microsoft Virtual PC
  • RHEV
  • Red Hat KVM
  • XenServer
  • Parallels Workstation (in Acronis Backup & Recovery 11/10)

How it works

Acronis Agent for Windows Acronis Agent for ESX/ESXi or Acronis Agent for Hyper-V
1. Physical or virtual machine is backed up 1. Virtual machine is backed up from the host
2. The latest backup of the machine is restored as a virtual machine (immediately or on schedule) 2. The latest backup of the machine is restored as a virtual machine (immediately or on schedule)

3. The virtual machine files are saved to a local or network folder

3. The virtual machine is saved directly to ESX/ESXi/Hyper-V


  1. From Acronis Management Console, connect to Acronis Management Server or Acronis Agent;
  2. Start creating a backup plan or a backup policy;
  3. Select Disk/Volume backup, or backup of Entire virtual machines or Volumes of a virtual machine;
  4. Unfold Show backup type, validation, convert to virtual machine section under How to back up:
  5. Select Convert in Convert to virtual machine and adjust settings: set when to convert the backup to a virtual machine, select the format by clicking Target host, select where to put the converted machine under Storage, give a name to the virtual machine.

  6. Save the backup plan.

More information

See also Acronis Backup 11.5: Converting Backup Archive of a Windows System to a Virtual Machine.