62294: Acronis Storage: upgrade to Acronis Software-Defined Infrastructure 2.5 fails at network configuration check

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Last update: 17-05-2021


You have Acronis Storage 2.4 and want to upgrade it to Acronis Software-Defined Infrastructure 2.5.

Upgrade check of network configuration fails.


Network connections are misconfigured.


Find out which connections are misconfigured. For such connections, values in the NAME and DEVICE columns will be different in the output of 'nmcli connection show'.

For example:

   $ nmcli connection show

NAME                      UUID                                                            TYPE                   DEVICE  
Bond connection 1  d714e443-8f45-49ea-a249-92e8c30f1aaa   bond                     bond0   
VLAN connection 1  bb02fdaf-7f72-47b8-8440-627de417981c   vlan                      bond0.100
VLAN connection 2  694fa16a-2d8a-40f3-aae6-6cc1a3c6ccb8   vlan                      bond0.200
bond0 slave 1          e810649d-bf93-43d1-a6a1-8901f16e4a40  802-3-ethernet     enp0s8  
bond0 slave 2         19c2f797-0945-4d4b-afd3-02c1128d1e3d    802-3-ethernet     enp0s9  
enp0s10                  4b2afbce-1c0c-4d5b-adbc-b96cc0de59c8   802-3-ethernet     enp0s10 
enp0s3                    5c317045-d541-41a3-a902-a0f9e22f673e   802-3-ethernet     enp0s3  
enp0s8                    becbc3a2-32aa-4fb1-b84f-cb843822769a   802-3-ethernet     --      
enp0s9                    aec03586-d4bf-46a0-9d12-8f9f2356f963     802-3-ethernet     --       

In this example, misconfigured connections are "Bond connection 1", "VLAN connection 1", "VLAN connection 2", "bond0 slave 1", and "bond0 slave 2".

NOTE: Skip connections "enp0s8" and "enp0s9" despite different NAME and DEVICE values. They are already configured as parts of a bond, i.e. "bond0 slave 1" and "bond0 slave 2".

Do the following for each misconfigured connection:

  1. Set the names of the connection interface and the connection itself to the value in the DEVICE column. For example:
    $ nmcli connection modify "VLAN connection 1" connection.interface-name bond0.100
    $ nmcli connection modify "VLAN connection 1" connection.id bond0.100
  2. If the connection is a VLAN, also set the correct parent device name for it (note that the connection name was changed in the previous step). For example:
    $ nmcli connection modify bond0.100 vlan.parent bond0
  3. Rename the connection configuration file to 'ifcfg-<DEVICE_value>'. For example:
    $ mv /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-VLAN_connection_1 /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-bond0.100
    NOTE: You can overwrite existing configuration files "ifcfg-enp0s8" and "ifcfg-enp0s9".
  4. Having properly configured all the connections, reload network configuration:
    $ nmcli connection reload