62267: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, Acronis Cyber Backup: Backup of a Hyper-V virtual machine fails with "Failed to get the disk information" if there is an ampersand in virtual disk file name

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Last update: 29-04-2021


You are trying to back up a Hyper-V virtual machine which has virtual disk with an ampersand (&) in file name, e.g. Docs&Users.vhdx. Backup fails with the following error:

Failed to get the disk information.


Issue in the product. Acronis Cyber Backup cannot access the virtual machine if there is an & in virtual disk name.


As a workaround, remove the & sign from virtual disk name:

  1. Using Hyper-V Manager, detach the disk in question from the virtual machine
  2. In Windows Explorer, rename the virtual machine disk file to remove the & from it
  3. Re-add the renamed virtual disk to the virtual machine.