62234: Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: "Internal server error" message is shown because acronis_license_server.exe is unable to start

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When logging in the Backup Console after installation you see the following error:

Internal Server Error | Error code 100011 

The following error can be found in the Event log or in C:\ProgramData\Acronis\LicenseServer\bootstrap.log:

Error 0xbe0010: An error has occurred while creating the registry subkey.
| trace level: error
| line: 0x8a55ceee4a56536e
| file: k:\7641\core\common\registry\win32\reg_win32.cpp:259
| function: Common::WinRegKey::MakeRegKey
| path:
| name: Software\Acronis\Test Program\Settings
| $module: ls_service_vsa64_7641
| error 0xfff0: Access is denied
| line: 0xbd28fdbd64edb8f1
| file: k:\7641\core\common\error.cpp:307
| function: Common::Error::AddWindowsError
| code: 0x80070005
| $module: ls_service_vsa64_7641

Also when checking the list of running processes, acronis_license_server.exe cannot be found among them.


Issue in the product. On some systems acronis_license_service process fails to create a value in Windows Registry and cannot start as a result.


Open Windows Registry (regedit.exe) and modify security settings of HKLM\Software\Acronis so NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE account has full access to the key.