62227: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, Acronis Cyber Backup: "The credentials for 'path' are incorrect." or "The user name or password is incorrect"

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Last update: 10-05-2023


You are backing up to a network share. Backups start failing with:

The credentials for 'path' are incorrect.


The user name or password is incorrect.


Access credentials to the network share have been changed since backup plan creation.


Update credentials for a network path in the backup plan:

  1. Open Cyber Protection console.
  2. Navigate to All devices and select the affected device.
  3. Find the affected backup plan and click the ellipsis (...) icon to edit backup plan settings.
  4. In Where to back up, click on the "key" icon and specify new credentials for the network destination in "domain/user" format

  5. Save changes.

Backups should run successfully now.