62215: Acronis True Image: "Volume Tracker has failed to find changes on volume..." message in logs

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Operating Systems: 


You receive an e-mail notification with backup log, containing one or multiple lines with "Volume Tracker has failed to find changes on volume..."


2018-12-20T09:00:10:378-04:00 10916 I000101F8: Pending operation 173 started: 'Creating partition image'.


2018-12-20T09:00:11:190-04:00 10916 I00100000: Volume Tracker has failed to find changes on volume '\\?\Volume{5e2aeab2-ffb3-4dab-8444-54635f6a3367}\'.


It is a service message that can be safely ignored.


There are the following message types in Acronis True Image logs:

  • Informational, identified by letter I in the status code before the text message. They do not represent any problem and can be safely ignored. In our example above the status code before the text Volume Tracker has failed to find changes is I00100000, starting with I - Informational message.
  • Warnings, identified by letter W. They should be checked, but are not critical for backup task execution.
  • Errors, identified by letter E. Errors usually mean that backup task execution failed and a new backup version was not created.

The message "Volume Tracker has failed to find changes on volume..." refers to the internal mechanics of the backup engine. In certain situations the software can accelerate already fast (incremental or differential) backup even further by knowing what disk sectors have changed since the last backup even before the backup starts. It is normal that sometimes, e.g. on the first backup after computer reboot, the changes on the disk can be calculated only after the backup starts, not before. In such cases the message Volume Tracker has failed to find changes appears in the logs.

The created backup is equally good as if there was no such message in the logs.


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