62202: Acronis Backup: backup fails "Selected network files or network folders were not found"

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Backup fails with "Selected network files or network folders were not found: <NETWORK PATH>"


You are backing up files or folders on a network share and these files/folders are not available.


  1. From the error message, note which files/folders could not be found.
  2. Verify that these files/folders still exist and are accessible for Acronis Agent. Possible root causes could be:
    • Items have been moved/deleted. Specify new location in the backup plan or remove them from items to back up.
    • Items have been renamed. Re-select these items in the backup plan.
    • Share is no longer accessible. Make sure the folders are still shared (right-click -> Properties -> Sharing -> Share -> make sure the folder is shared and is accessible for everyone or Administrators/Acronis Agent user specifically).
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