62195: Acronis True Image: elements in the user interface are too small on high-DPI monitors with high relative scaling on Windows

    Last update: 28-07-2020


    Text, labels and other elements in the graphical user interface of Acronis True Image are too small and hard to read and use.

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    The issue can occur on high-resolution displays, known as 4K monitors, 6K, 8K etc.

    "High resolution" display here means that more pixels fit on the screen compared to earlier models, and more details can be displayed. When the physical size of monitors does not grow as much as the amount of the displayed pixels, the density of pixels increases, and such monitors are called high DPI monitors (high amount of dots per inch).

    When pixels are densely packed on the monitor, the same amount of pixels occupy much less space physically - and the text, buttons and other user interface elements, that are measured in pixels, become visually smaller, compared to earlier version of monitors (low DPI monitors, with less pixel density).

    If you have a high-DPI monitor, chances are you use the option "Change the size of text, apps and other items" under Windows Display settings to scale things up on the screen to a comfortable level. As the relative scaling goes above 100%, all graphical user interface elements start occupying more dots and therefore, become visually bigger than they were with 100% scaling.

    When the relative scaling is changed from 100% upwards, one pixel starts occupying more than one dot and the number of effective pixels that fit on the screen reduces. In other words, the effective screen resolution reduces. When it goes below 1024x768 for the work area of the monitor (the display area, excluding the Windows Task Bar), the GUI elements of Acronis True Image would no longer fit on the screen and the software resets its scaling to 100%.


    The effective resolution of the display's work area is below 1024x768. By "work area" we understand the the display area of the monitor, excluding the Windows Task Bar. The effective resolution is the current screen resolution, divided by the currently set pixel scaling factor. To prevent cutting GUI elements that do not fit on the screen, the software stops respecting and applying the relative scaling, and the GUI is displayed as if the scaling was set to 100%.


    Method 1. Set the scaling to be performed by Windows

    1. Open the folder where Acronis True Image GUI's executable file is located: 
      64-bit Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Acronis\TrueImageHome
      32-bit Windows: C:\Program Files\Acronis\TrueImageHome
    2. Right-click TrueImage.exe and select Properties
    3. Click on the Compatibility tab
    4. Click the button "Change settings for all users"
    5. Click OK if prompted by the User Account Control dialog
    6. Mark the checkbox "Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by:"
    7. Select "System (Enhanced)" from the drop-down list below the checked option
    8. Click OK to close Compatibility for all users window
    9. Click OK to close Properties window
    10. Close Acronis True Image window and launch the product again. See if the issue is resolved. If the user interface elements are still small and unreadable, undo the changes made under this method and proceed with the instructions below

    Method 2. Decrease the relative scaling under Windows Display settings

    1. Open Windows Display settings. For example, right-click the desktop and select "Display settings"
    2. Scroll down to the "Resolution" parameter. Make sure that it is set to the maximum resolution from available.
    3. Locate the parameter "Change the size of text, apps and other items" just above the "Resolution" parameter in the Windows display settings.
    4. Gradually reduce the relative scaling down from its current value (from 200% downwards, for example), until Acronis True Image elements become readable. Relaunch Acronis True Image after each change. Depending on your Windows version, Windows logout and login may be required for the changes to take effect.

    For instance, on monitors with screen resolution 2560x1440, Acronis True Image will display correctly at 175% scaling. Going below 175% will make other programs look too small, while the 200% scaling will be causing the issue with Acronis True Image.