62189: Acronis scanner on VirusTotal.com

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Last update: 29-11-2019

About VirusTotal.com

VirusTotal.com is an online service for checking files for viruses and malware by antivirus engines from over 70 vendors. Individuals and companies can upload files for the antivirus check using a web browser, third-party software or API.

Acronis scanner at VirusTotal.com

Recently Acronis has introduced its innovative malware scanner on VirusTotal.com to help the global community to better detect and identify complex malware threats.

Acronis scanner uses a beta version of a new malware detection technology, called Acronis PE Analyzer, which is not yet publicly released for Acronis Customers. This technology can detect previously unknown types of malicious files using optimized innovative Machine Learning models.

Acronis scanner at VirusTotal.com is different from Acronis Active Protection technology.

How to submit a false positive detection

If you believe that Acronis scanner at VirusTotal.com has incorrectly identified a clean file as malicious, please submit the link to the Virus Total report to virustotal-falsepositive@acronis.com with detailed description of why you think this detection is incorrect.

We will process your request and fix incorrect detection as soon as possible during standard business hours, however we do not provide SLA for processing of such requests.

If a legitimate program is blocked by Acronis software that is installed and running on your computer and not by Acronis scanner at VirusTotal.com, then please whitelist the blocked executable by adding it to the trusted programs list: Acronis True Image, Acronis Backup 12.5, Acronis Backup Service.