62188: Acronis Software-Defined Infrastructure 2.5: prerequisites for upgrade from Acronis Storage

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Last update: 11-11-2022

Upgrade requires restart of all nodes.

System requirements for v.2.5

Storage only nodes (the same as in 2.4) or Storage + Management

Type Minimal Recommended
CPU Dual-core CPU Intel Xeon E5-2620V2 or faster; at least one CPU core per 8 HDDs
RAM 4GB 16GB ECC or more, plus 0.5GB ECC per each HDD
Storage 3 disks, 100GB 3 disks, 100GB

Storage + Compute or Compute only

Type Minimal Recommended
CPU Quad-core CPU Intel Xeon CPU with 32 or more logical cores with Intel VT hardware virtualization extensions enabled
Storage 3 disks, 100GB 3 disks, 100GB

Storage + Compute + Management

Type Minimal Recommended
CPU 16 cores CPU Intel Xeon CPU with 32 or more logical cores with Intel VT hardware virtualization extensions enabled
RAM 32GB 64GB+
Storage 3 disks, 100GB 3 disks, 100GB

Network requirements for v.2.5

  • Network configuration should be unified.
    Make sure that network interfaces of each node with Internal roles are in the same subnet (i.e., and all the External roles interfaces are in one subnet as well (i.e. Internal and External subnets should be different subnets.
  • Network configuration should be flat.
    Flat network is a network which is not split into L3 segments by routers and not segmented on L2 as well (all nodes plugged to the same switch). For example, if an interface with Storage role in Node 1 is in, Storage interface of Node 2 must be in the same subnet.
  • All nodes should have Internet connection.
    During upgrade, connection to download.acronis.com, repo.virtuozzo.com and hub.docker.com is required.
  • All nodes should have at least one role assigned.
    If there is a node without any roles, assign it with a role/roles.
  • Custom roles should be assigned to all nodes.
    If an interface has a Custom role assigned, assign other nodes with this role too or revoke this role completely.
  • Connection name must equal the corresponding device name
    See details in KB62294

Acronis Software-Defined Infrastructure 2.5 automatically detects current network configuration and offers minimal set of networks.

Infrastructure requirements for v.2.5

  • LDAP/AD should be disabled.
    Acronis Storage: Configuring LDAP/AD Before Upgrading to Acronis Software-Defined Infrastructure 2.5 - KB62938
  • No nodes with Management Panel only.
    Follow these guidelines to back up and restore management database. Then assign the node with Storage role or remove the node from the cluster.
  • Management node HA should be disabled in 2.4 before upgrade to 2.5.
    Assemble the HA after the upgrade: select all nodes in the HA cluster and click 'Release nodes'. Contact Acronis support for assistance if need be.
  • Cluster nodes should not have any additional software repositories configured.
    Any additional repositories entries must be commented out. There must be predefined repositories only: 

v.2.5 limitations

  • AD/LDAP authentication is not possible (this feature is planned for future versions)
  • All nodes should have different hostnames. Do not use 'localhost'.
  • Backup of Management Panel database created in 2.4 can’t be restored in 2.5


Issue: not possible to apply update because storage cluster is not healthy.
A cluster won’t be healthy if one or more CS or MDS drives are in the failed state. The goal is to determine the reason for CS/MDS failure and fix it.

Issue: a node in updating state for too long.
Do not update to v.2.5. by 'yum upgrade' from the SSH shell. Use Web CP only.
When a node is upgrading, you can check yum output in /var/log/messages. If yum couldn’t access the repositories or is failing due to any other reason, you’ll find respective errors in the log.
If the node stuck in “Updating” state in the Web CP for an unreasonable amount of time (more than 1 hour) – escalate to the Storage team. Normally upgrade of a single node takes about 3-10 minutes.