62177: Acronis Cyber Protect: backup fails with "no disk space or quota"

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Last update: 07-01-2022


Backup fails with "no disk space or quota".


There is no free space in the backup destination.

If you are running Oracle Linux Server 6.x and backing up to SMBv3 share, see Acronis Cyber Backup: Known issue with backing up to SMB share on specific Oracle Linux kernels


  1. Find the faulty back plan.
  2. Find the backup destination specified in this plan:
  3. Free up space in this destination. If you need to delete old backups to free up space, follow these recommendations.
  4. If the issue persists after step 3 or if you have Cloud storage specified in the backup plan as a backup destination, please collect system information from the device, cloud certificate (if backup destination is Cloud) and contact Acronis Support. 

More information

If there is enough free space on the destination, other possible cause is that destination disk is highly fragmented, so that when data is written to the archive, it hits file system limitation. 

Use the following workaround in this case: in Backup Options -> Splitting enable fixed size split backup and set slice size between 100GB and 500GB, and create a new backup archive.

(!) Splitting option is not available for Always incremental backup scheme. See https://www.acronis.com/en-us/support/documentation/AcronisCyberBackup_12.5/#39658.html for details