62137: Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5: how to back up and recover Acronis Cyber Backup appliance (All-in-one appliance)

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Last update: 03-09-2020


In your environment, you are using Acronis Cyber Backup appliance and want to create a backup of this appliance.

How to back up All-in-one appliance

1. Deploy an additional regular Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance) from the console of the All-in-one appliance: Devices -> Add -> ESXi host.

2. Bind the All-in-one appliance VM to this deployed Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance):

  1. Navigate to Devices -> All agents.
  2. Locate the All-in-one appliance and click to select it.
  3. Click Details.
  4. In Agent assignment, click Change.
  5. Select Manual.
  6. In the list of available Agents, select the Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance) deployed in step 1:

3.  Create an "Entire machine" backup of the All-in-one appliance VM which will be performed in agent-less mode by Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance).

How to recover All-in-one appliance

The recovery from this backup should be done also in agent-less mode, e.g. performed by Agent for VMware.

1. In backup management console, navigate to the Backups tab.

2. [Optional] Register existing backup location if you have new freshly deployed appliance.

3. In Machine to browse from, select the Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance):

4. Browse the backups and find the backup of the All-in-one appliance.

5. Click Start recovery.

More information

Changes in IP addresses

If your appliance was using IP settings retrieved from DHCP server, then upon recovery the IP address may be changed. If the other agents registered on all-in-one appliance were connecting to it by IP directly (instead of using DNS name), then these agents will have to be re-registered:

  1. Remove them from Settings -> Agents page.
  2. Re-add using one of these methods:
    • in Devices list: Devices -> All devices ->  Add
    • in command line as described here

Why we do not recommend backing up All-in-one appliance by the built-in Agent for Linux

Recovery from such backup will be possible only into original appliance. When this backup is restored to a freshly deployed new appliance, it will not boot. The reason is that there are dependencies on disk UUIDs which are used to distinguish appliance local disks from the ones attached to it during other VMs' backup. In the new appliance these UUIDs would be different and thus recovery would cause a non-bootable system.