62069: Acronis True Image 2019 and 2020: how to back up Office 365 accounts

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Last update: Wed, 2019-08-21 10:33


Starting from Acronis True Image 2019 Update 2 (Build 14610) you can back up OneDrive and mailboxes for MS Office 365 Consumer accounts. Backups are saved to Acronis Cloud. You need Acronis True Image Advanced or Premium subscription to use this feature.

(!) Backup of Office 365 Business accounts is not supported. For backing up Office 365 Business accounts we recommend to use Acronis Backup

Data that you can back up in your Outlook.com mailbox:

  • All folders
  • E-mail messages
  • Attachments

(!) Backup of shared or group mailboxes is not supported.


  1. Open Online Dashboard by doing one of the following:
    • Follow this link: https://trueimage.acronis.com
    • In Acronis True Image, click Backup, click Add backup, click the Backup source area, and then select Cloud service -> Open Online Dashboard


  2. Sign in using the same credentials that you use to log in Acronis True Image.
  3. On the sidebar, select Resources, click Add, and then choose Microsoft Office 365 for Home.


  4. Log in to your Microsoft account, if prompted.
  5. If you are connecting for the first time, you will be asked to confirm that Acronis Backup Service can access your data. Click Yes to allow Acronis services to access your account for backup purposes.
  6. It the Items to back up area, select what you want to backup: Outlook(part of Office 365 suite), OneDrive or Entire Account, and click Done.


  7. (!) Backup schedule cannot be set for this type of backup. Backup is performed automatically once per day.
  8. If necessary, configure cleanup rules for the backup via the Cleanup pane. You can also encrypt the backup and protect it with a password. When done, click Apply.
  9. Click Run now to start the backup.

The "tile" with your backup plan will show the backup status:

This backup will also appear in the list of backups in Acronis True Image interface under Online Services.

More information

Note that Office 365 backup task does not send e-mail notifications about backup status, even if e-mail notifications are set up in default backup options.